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Refresh Your Skin With BB Glow

We all love the look of BB cream. It gives you poreless, perfectly even skin while still looking dewy and natural. With BB Glow you can have naturally glowing skin all day every day! This revolutionary skin treatment combines the efficiency of micro-needling with the results of semi-permanent make-up to smooth, repair and firm your skin.

As beauty specialists, Signature Brows & Beauty are proud to offer this latest beauty movement in skin care technology. With years of cosmetic tattooing experience and training, we bring you a careful selection of quality services that leave you confident and smiling!

BB Glow Treatment Package (3 x 1.5hours) 


What is BB Glow?

Semi-Permanent Beauty Treatments

BB Glow is a non-invasive, anti-ageing technique that allows you to achieve glowing, radiant and poreless looking skin.

As you age, your body produces less collagen, which leads to wrinkles. This is a skin and beauty treatment that stimulates natural collagen production and helps give structure and firmness to your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quickly and safely. 

Our Signature Brows BB procedure infuses a tinted serum on the top layer of skin, giving you the look of wearing a BB cream without the hassle of applying makeup every day.

With 3 shades of BB cream available, these coloured serums are KFDA certified and 100% organic, containing only vegetable extracts.

Discover a world of rejuvenating technology and gorgeous skin with Signature Brows & Beauty.

What Is BB Glow

What to Expect from BB Glow?

From clearing and unblocking pores to speeding up the growth of new skin cells BB Glow offers a host of exciting benefits.

One of the most exciting benefits of this beauty treatment is its long-lasting effects. After the course of your treatment, your new semi-permanent foundation can last up to 4 months!

With no pain or downtime, it truly is the ideal semi-permanent makeup solution to health, glowing skin!

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The Signature Magic

Our BB Glow Process

Our beauty experts at Signature Brows & Beauty use an MTS (Micro-needling Therapy System) to penetrate and implant tinted serum into the skin. These needles are small and can barely be felt, ensuring a gentle, calming rejuvenating treatment.

Carboxy Gel is applied to your skin and followed by an activating fabric masque that contains lemon acid. It will start bubbling and you will feel the heat, tingling, and a prickly sensation.

This is your skin producing oxygen and is a natural reaction. Carboxy therapy helps to plump the skin, improves elasticity and wrinkles, and assists in getting rid of toxins. It will help to lighten and whiten the skin.

The skin automatically looks plump, hydrated & bright. It will also help the absorption of the BB serum following this step.

Bb Glow is a procedure where we use a micro-needling tool.

The product that we use it’s called MESO white serum providing instant coverage, minimise the appearance of the pores, and smooth wrinkles. Your skin tone will look more even.

MESO white serum also has hyaluronic acid to plump the skin even more and give a radiant glow as well As vitamin C to treat hyper-pigmentation and freckles. This BB serum gives coverage as well as treats the skin from inside.

Since we use a micro-needling tool that penetrates the serum into the skin, after several procedures the skin will have a BB cream effect that will last several months.

LED Therapy uses certain frequencies of light to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and increase new tissue growth.

We leave the serum on for an extra 20 minutes under the LED light. The light will help with the absorption of the product and the production of collagen.

Professional Skin Treatments

BB Glow FAQs

Looking to restore and rejuvenate your skin? We learn about your beauty goals and can restore your skins youthful glow.

We’ve answered some common questions about BB glow. Missed something? Give us a call and we’d love to help!

BB glow is a semi-permanent makeup and will last up to 4 months.

It is important to remember that BB glow results are cumulative. To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you complete all treatment packages.

To achieve desired results and the coverage you are looking for, most clients require between 2 and 3 treatments. 

No, BB Glow serums are designed to be beneficial for the skin and will not clog your pores.

BB glow is a gentle, pain free treatment that has no downtime.

Signature Brows and Beauty


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