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Eyebrow Mapping: Your Guide To Perfect Brows

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What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Mapping

Teasing and plucking your brows can be a quick way to get them in shape, but if you’re not careful you can end up with the dreaded overplucked look of the 2000s! But not all hope is lost. Believe it or not, there’s a new trend in the world of brow beauty; Eyebrow Mapping.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to eyebrow shaping and styling. From face shape and skin tone to hair colour and hair density, everyone is unique. With eyebrow mapping, you can find the ideal eyebrow that is perfectly tailored to your face shape.

What’s the perfect brow? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. No one ever does! ! In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about this latest technique in eyebrow maintenance.

What is Eyebrow Mapping?

Rapidly gaining in popularity over the last few years, eyebrow mapping is a fully personalised beauty technique that is used to find and create an eyebrow look that perfectly suits your facial structure.

Put simply, this is a process of marking specific points on your brows and face that highlight where your eyebrows should start, where your arch should be and where the tail should end. While the process and technique are the same across the board, the results are truly unique and personalised your eye and face shape.

Why You Should Map Your Brows

We have all had brow mishaps. Whether it is overplucking, hair loss to bad encounters at a less than experienced salon. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience any of the above eyebrow mappings is the most successful technique to fix your eyebrow problems!

Unlike a stencil where you use a ‘pre-shaped’ template to fill in your brows, eyebrow mapping is specific to you. By taking your features into consideration, mapping brings symmetry to your face, balances your eyes and creates the illusion of lift and youth.

In addition to creating the perfect shape, mapping also offers personalised advice on how best to maintain and style your brows. Not only are you able to maintain your brows at home, but experienced technicians are able to recreate them time and time again.

How Does Mapping Work?

When done thoroughly and correctly, the brow mapping procedure starts by marking the three key points of the eyebrow – the front, arch and tail.

To find the start of the brow, the pencil is placed vertically from the dimple of the nose to the inner corner of your eye, marking where the pencil crosses the brow. For the arch, the pencil is angled so that the pencil is in-line with the outside of the iris. This is where the arch will be at its highest. The tail is determined when the pencil is angled from the nose and corner of the eye. From here, the top of the eyebrow is outlined and the points are connected to find the shape of your brow.

485A7974 scaled - Eyebrow Mapping: Your Guide To Perfect Brows
485A8073 scaled - Eyebrow Mapping: Your Guide To Perfect Brows

Brow Mapping And Microblading

Creating the perfect brow is both math and art. The correct shape will frame you flawlessly, bringing out the natural beauty in a more elegant way than before! This has never been more true, especially when it comes to Microblading. 

Microblading is a popular cosmetic beauty treatment that can improve the appearance of sparse, thin, overplucked eyebrows. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup – using very fine needles to create hairlike strokes that resemble eyebrow hair.

As such, eyebrow mapping provides clients and technicians with a solid foundation for the perfect brow shape. Not only do technicians have a clear idea of what needs to be achieved, but clients are able to see what their new brow will look before taking the plunge! 

Preparing Your Brows

At Signature Brows and Beauty, any eyebrow procedure (tinting, lamination, sculpting or tattooing) begins with a comprehensive consultation. Here you and your brow artist will discuss your lifestyle, preferences, beauty goals and any concerns or questions you may have. This is to fully personalise your treatment so that the result is perfect for you.

At this consultation, your technician will map out your brow shape based on your features and preferences. They will analyse the width of the bridge of your nose, length of facial features, hair density and colouring to ensure absolute accuracy!

At Home vs Professional Brow Mapping

While it is possible to map your brows at home, this is often a process best left professionals. Brow mapping is an intricate process, so it is important to have your brows accurately analysed. The last thing you want is for the shape of your brows to be slightly off, making them appear less symmetrical than before!!

Even if you are well versed in DIY eyebrows mapping, at home mapping is rarely going to replicate the quality results you’ll get from a professional artist who tools, techniques, and experience to deliver a great result.

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Achieve The Perfect Look

Signature Brows and Beauty are your experts in all things eyebrows. Not only do we map brows to perfection, but we also offer the best advice on how to maintain them. We are fully educated in the latest techniques and trends, so our advice is always up-to-date!

With years of experience, the team at Signature Brows meticulously map your brows to ensure your microblading results are truly unique and personalised. To find your perfect brow look, get in touch with Signature Brows and Beauty today.

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