Ways To Define Your Eyes

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What Is Cosmetic Lip Tattooing?

Lip Line Tattoo - red lip pigment

What Is Cosmetic Lip Tattooing? The Rise Of Cosmetic Tattoos Cosmetic tattooing has quickly grown in popularity as more and more people begin to realise the benefits of long-lasting, semi-permanent makeup. In fact, many people are replacing their everyday makeup and heading straight to a quality cosmetic tattoo artist!  Whether you are looking for bolder eyebrows, […]

Permanent Make Up in the Sunshine Coast

PERMANENT MAKE-UP IN THE SUNSHINE COAST Permanent colour placed in your lash line and around your lashes makes your eyes appear brighter, younger and more expressive.  It’s perfect for active women, women in warmer climates, alopecia clients, and others who have a problem with makeup running and smearing.  Permanent make-up is fantastic for those who […]

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing

WHAT IS COSMETIC LIP TATTOOING? Cosmetic tattooing or PMU (permanent makeup) is a similar process to getting a regular ink tattoo.  Changing the size, shape and colour of your lips, is safe and easy with cosmetic tattooing. You can have a soft blended line giving more definition and fullness. Or, you can fill in the […]

Microblading your Eyebrows (Feather Brows)

microblading your eyebrows (feather brows) Put that make-up brush down! You are probably already a fan of make-up if you are considering Microblading (Feather Brows). Microblading makes it possible to wake up every single morning with eye-catching brows, without having to perform the time-consuming practise of drawing them every day. Although Microbladed eyebrows can still […]

7 steps to finding the right Cosmetic Tattooist

Below we have 7 steps you need to find the perfect Cosmetic Tattooist for your needs and long-term goals. 1. Qualification & Experience of the specialist Over the last few years, there has been a big increase of Cosmetic Tattoo technicians & companies on the Sunshine Coast & all over the world. Beauty therapists, hairdressers […]

Top 5 myths about Cosmetic Tattooing

Top 5 myths about Cosmetic Tattooing Myth 1: ITS PERMANENT Cosmetic Tattooing is NOT permanent. The pigments that are used are different to regular body tattooing inks. They are designed to be semi-permanent and fade out within 2-3 years. Styles & hair colour constantly change and we may not like the same eyebrows in 3 […]

BB Glow Micro Needle Therapy Sunshine Coast

bb blow micro needle therapy sunshine coast BB GLOW SKIN TREATMENTS ARE FINALLY AVAILABLE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST!!! AND JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER!!! The newest treatment that is taking over the world. Flawless perfect looking skin 24/ 7 WATERPROOF —SMUDGE-PROOF — LASTS UP TO 4 MONTHS — NON-TOXIC — NO NASTIES The micro-needling MTS BB glow treatment is […]