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Cosmetic Tattooing Pre & Post Procedure

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

With Makeup routines getting longer and new product releases every day, getting the perfect look takes hours! Cosmetic tattooing is the ideal semi permanent beauty procedure that ensures you look your best, with or without makeup! 

Investing in cosmetic tattooing is investing in yourself and your unique beauty! We are confident this procedure will put a pep in your step and make you feel great about yourself. Before we begin, we want to help you understand what to expect and we want to make sure you get great results, which requires that you follow appropriate pre- and post-care instructions.

Below is some information on Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures along with Pre and Post care advice for you to read thoroughly before your appointment. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or at the salon.

Some individuals may require more than one touch up to get desired results.

A Multi-Session Process

All cosmetic tattooing procedures are a multi-session process and will require a touch up after 6-8 weeks.

This appointment is included in the initial price as long as it is performed within the 3 months of the initial application.

Failure to do so will occur in an extra charge. If you book your touch up appointment and fail to show or cancel within 48 (business hours), you will be charged $99 to reschedule your appointment.

Life After Your Precedure

Be Prepared for the colour intensity after your procedure to be significantly darker and more prominent than what is expected until your skin heals.

It takes roughly 7-10 days for the outer layer of your skin to heal over, after this period you will notice the colour will soften and you may loose approximately 30-50% of colour.

At your touch up the practitioner is then able to correctly assess the colour and make any adjustments required.

Pre-Procedure Guide & Instructions

For Eye & Lip Procedures

If any of the following applies to you please contact us prior to your appointment as these can be contraindications to your procedure:

In the past month:

Avoid Excessive Bleeding & Poor Colour Deposit

Post Procedure Care Guide & Instructions

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