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7 steps to finding the right Cosmetic Tattooist

Below we have 7 steps you need to find the perfect Cosmetic Tattooist for your needs and long-term goals.

1. Qualification & Experience of the specialist

Over the last few years, there has been a big increase of Cosmetic Tattoo technicians & companies on the Sunshine Coast & all over the world. Beauty therapists, hairdressers and even those that have no experience in the cosmetic industry have included tattooing into their businesses without the proper training or qualifications. This has lead to an increase of problems & risks to clients getting this work to be done. For your own protection it is recommended that you do your research to make sure the technician is properly qualified & has enough experience in the industry. Ask how long they have been doing it, what training they have attended, are they registered with any associations like ACT (Association of Cosmetic Tattoo).

2. Registered Location

Make sure you only have this procedure done at a licensed clinic. There are many home based tattooists (even salons) providing this service without registering for a council inspection. When licensed by the council the technician will have all health & safety procedures regulated to ensure a risk-free environment, all equipment must be up to Australian hygiene standards & that disposable materials are being used. Don’t risk your health & beauty by cutting corners and trying backyard clinics. Your technician should have all of their qualifications, licenses & certificates on display for everyone to see.

3. Recommendations & Reviews

The internet is a powerful tool in finding great businesses. You want to find someone who is well known with a large clientele and has many recommendations & reviews. Use Facebook & Google to read testimonials to see if existing clients are happy with their work. Ask around friends and family, someone you know will have had this treatment done and will be able to give you honest feedback, personal referrals are great!

4. Before & After Photos

Make this your top priority! This is the most important factor in choosing the right technician, YOU need to like the look of their work. An experienced tattooist should have hundreds of photos available for you to see. There are many great tattooists out there but everyone has their own style so make sure you choose someone who’s style will suit you. There’s no point in going to someone who only offers microblading if you are wanting a more defined powder brow. Look for a tattooist who has a variety of photos including colours, ages of clients, techniques and can turn a bad brow into the perfect brow. Look for work where the before photo is similar to yours to see If that tattooist can give you what you want. And the most important photos are HEALED photos. During the healing process, the tattoo can change dramatically, most tattooists only post fresh work but you don’t know how it looks once it is healed. Healed results tell the full story, and your story needs a happy ending.

5. Cost

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Thankfully these days good eyebrows are affordable and shouldn’t break the bank. A good way to check the quality of the work is to price compare with other artists in your area. Be hesitant of people who price too high, this may be an indication of how they do business & that money is more important to them than the artistry of the work. Stay away from people who are priced too low, or constantly have specials/vouchers running, generally these people either don’t have much experience or are finding it hard to get clients (for a reason). Selecting the right tattooist now will save you a lot of time, money & pain in the long run. If you can’t afford good quality work now, save and wait until you can. Don’t settle for cheap work. If you don’t choose wisely now you may end up needing correction or removal work which will cost you hundreds more and many months of your time.

6. Equipment & Products Used

Only choose a tattooist that uses high grade & sterile equipment. Make sure all products are single use and disposable and they must use SEMI PERMANENT PIGMENTS NOT BODY TATTOO INKS. Cosmetic tattoo pigments are designed to fade out within 2-3 years after application. Fashion & personal tastes change, what you get today, you may not love in 2 years time, we are constantly changing hair colours, brow styles change and remember our skin changes over the years. What may start off as a dark, stylish arched brow may end up drooping as our skin loses elasticity & change colour if the pigment lasts too long.

7. Initial Consultation

Some of you may have researched the first 6 steps already and are convinced that you have found the right tattooist for you, that’s great! While others may still have questions or not 100% sure on what they want. That’s where a consultation comes in handy. Any reputable tattooist will do an in-depth consultation at your initial appointment before they start to make sure you are both on the same page about what you are after, but it can be a good idea to book a consultation before making your appointment to run through any questions you may have on the procedure, talk about which technique is best for you and what to expect getting a cosmetic tattooing procedure done.

Hopefully, these 7 steps will give you a head start to choosing the right tattooist for you but just remember our gut instinct is always the most important factor to trust. Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, understands what you want and is capable of doing the best job possible.