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microblading your eyebrows (feather brows)

Put that make-up brush down!

You are probably already a fan of make-up if you are considering Microblading (Feather Brows). Microblading makes it possible to wake up every single morning with eye-catching brows, without having to perform the time-consuming practise of drawing them every day.

Although Microbladed eyebrows can still be covered by pencils and powders, it is definitely better to wait before applying make-up to your microblading treatment.

There are several reasons to avoid wearing make-up after your microblading treatment. The fact that your skin is stressed is the first reason, after all the process consists of a blade applying pigments to your skin.

At Signature Brows our Cosmetic Tattooing services include:


Microblading implants pigment in fine hair -like strokes under the skin. This is the most natural look of eyebrow tattooing and is great for people who want a subtle change to their eyebrows. Not recommended for oily skin or dense brow hair.



This soft powdered brow is different to the ‘old school block brow.’ This technique gives the healed results of a soft eyebrow powder brushed through your brows. It is more defined and fuller than feathering but still looks soft and natural. We can customise this technique to suit you, either full powdered or combined and blended with feather strokes. Great for all skin types especially oily skin and people with dense brow hair.


If Cosmetic tattooing isn’t for you, Signature brows also provides


Throw away your mascara, forget about the hassle of lash extensions. A lash lift curls and lifts your eyelashes from the base to enhance your length and volume making your lashes appear longer and thicker. This treatment lasts up to 2 months with no maintenance required. Have longer looking lashes 24/7.


Keep your brows on point 24/7 whether they are tattooed or not. Schedule your regular brow appointment with us to keep your eyebrows looking fresh with eyebrow sculpt, tidy, tint (dye or Henna) or the full combination