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Rejuvenate With A Turkey Neck Treatment

Restoring Youth & Confidence

As we grow older it is inevitable that our bodies begin to show signs of aging.  The notorious Turkey Neck is one such sign of ageing that men and women struggle with. For those who are not ready for surgical facelifts, Signature Brows and beauty offer non-surgical turkey neck treatments to clients across the Sunshine Coast.

As an affordable, non-invasive solution to surgical treatments for sagging skin, this innovative new technology lifts the neck, chin and brow and improves the appearance of neck wrinkles and lines. With long-lasting results, you can enjoy a refreshed look without the hassle and stress of recovery! Book your consultation with experts dedicated to your confidence and Beauty.  Get in touch with Signature Brows and Beauty today!

Non-Surgical Turey Neck Treatments

Neck Lifts With Plasma Technology

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and the body’s ability to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid slows. This is especially prominent in our necks and can be made worse by platysmal bands – the thickening of the neck muscles that run up the front left and right sides of the neck. 

Plasma rejuvenation is fast becoming a popular and well-loved alternative to surgical neck treatments. Designed to increases collagen production, plasma rejuvenation paves the way for long-lasting neck lifting procedures.

In the realm of cosmetic enhancement, a turkey neck treatment using plasma technology is one of the quickest, most effective ways to get gorgeous results. Innovative, fast-acting and affordable plasma technology doesn’t just help with turkey necks but can be used in any area with deep lines and excess skin.

Look and Feel Younger

The Signature Brows Difference

Turkey Neck Treatments using plasma technology is a fantastic way to take control of your ageing by tightening and eliminating excess skin.

As experts in non-surgical beauty treatments, Signature Brows and Beauty aims to bring out the best in every client’s natural appearance and with countless clients under our belt, you can rest assured you are receiving the best treatment and care!

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Effective & Affordable Turkey Neck Treatments

Look & Feel Your Best

Before the introduction of plasma technology, surgical facelifts, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic injectables was the only way to treat sagging and excess skin on the neck and chin. However, surgical facelifts are painful, expensive and have long recovery times before your skin is fully healed and provides the results you want.

With no need for cutting and snipping, minimal downtime and immediate results there is no doubting the benefits of a turkey neck treatment! With proven results that only improve with time, other benefits you can enjoy include:

Your Eyebrow Experts

Get Younger Looking Eyes

Not only does turkey neck treatments save you hundreds of dollars, but the non-invasive procedure cuts back on the recovery time – but proper care is required to ensure that you see your desired results.

After your procedure, the treatment area may continue to feel numb, red and tender, but this will fade. You will also be left with small red/brown dots. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! However, to ensure that you heal properly and without complication, it is important not to pick at or agitate these dots. 

Need To Know More?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about our eyebrow lift procedures! Missed something? Contact us on Facebook or give us a call!

Yes. Anyone interested in this treatment is required to have a consultation. We will assess and suggest a treatment plan for you. From laser resurfacing, chemical peels and traditional facials.

Every client is different and the way the skin ages varies for each individual; the treatment needs to be planned according to the needs of each client.

Occasionally some clients may need more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. We like our clients to be fully informed and to meet their expectations. 

We allow 60-90 minutes depending on the treatment area including time for the anaesthetic to work and consent forms to be completed. 

Some results can usually be seen immediately, full result should be visible after 2-4 weeks however the treated area will continue to improve for 2-3 months.

Results are expected to last 2-5 years, the treatment can be repeated. 

One treatment is often enough depending on skin type, severity of wrinkles and client’s expectation.

For some a 2nd or even 3rd treatment may be required to achieve the desired outcome, follow up treatments can be carried after 8-12 weeks. 

Immediately after the procedure, the treated area will be quite red and mildly swollen.

This can last from 1-3 days. The small carbon dots will dry to become small crusts. These crusts must not under any circumstances be picked or scratched off, they must be left to fall off on their own which can take anything from 5-10 days.

These dots can be covered with a mineral foundation or mineral concealer.

Once the crusts have fallen off it is imperative that you use the aftercare gel prescribed and use an SPF 50 sunscreen.

Absolutely no sun on the area without protection for 3 months. 

Yes most definitely. It is state-of-the-art technology, our Plasma Device is truly one of a kind and has been designed and manufactured in POLAND by Polish and Italian Engineers with over 30 years experience manufacturing Medical and Aesthetic devices.

Plasma rejuvenation procedures use a highly accurate handheld machine that generates a high-voltage, plasma flash between the tool and skin. This leaves a small, superficial carbon spot that helps to treat. While some swelling and redness can appear, this often disappears within 3-5 days.

Typically around 2-5 years, but is subject to the number of treatments you may require, your lifestyle and how you personally age.

You will continue to age and your skin will continue to relax as part of the normal ageing process, and eventually you may see problems such as wrinkles and saggy skin re-appear.

However, the treatment can simply be repeated again

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